Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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This is one of the best PDF split solutions I’ve ever tried. In less than three minutes, I separated the pages I needed to work with from this huge document. The split function is free and can be used an unlimited amount of times. Thanks!



This amazing solution helped me create a brief set of materials for my presentation listeners. It’s a really great platform for anyone who wants to split a PDF!



I used this website to prepare my research paper for college. I had no extra money for the installation of any fancy software, and this free service helped me out a lot! It separated the pages I need into a new file without any fuss.



Quite simple and self-explanatory splitter. I just worked with it for the first time, and it was easy and fast. Not a single problem. It’s the best split result you’ll find and it’s for free!



While preparing my presentation I needed to use textual data from my PDF. This tool helped me separate them pretty fast. Thanks guys for this nice solution!



This free online tool has some of the best security measures if seen. Working with this platform, I no longer have to worry about getting any damage to my personal data. It’s cool how there is no additional authentication and all files are deleted once I reload the page. Next time I will certainly use this service!



Fast, easy to use, and free of charge. I like it because it does all the operations I need during in a couple of minutes. Also, I no longer have to worry about the device I work from anymore because it works well both on my mobile phone and laptop.



This solution is honestly good for both home and business use. It doesn’t require any registration and has no limits to the amount of times you can use it. I also wanted to split up to twenty PDFs one by one, and they all were perfectly good.



It’s an excellent solution and it’s for free. It’s also very helpful for splitting PDFs into separate files. It does everything I expected from it and even more. Good document-splitting results!